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Jenna Jameson Diary : November 24, 2005

| Thursday, November 24, 2005
Happy turkey day to everyone!!!!!!!!! I hope everyone is going to have an incredible day...eating relaxing and sleeping after the triptophan over dose! My brother Tony was just over the house. He is doing really well.

His Tattoo shop is cranking and he started to shoot competitively. He is advancing thru the levels amazingly fast as well as placing in the top 5 in all his comps! We watched of his last national qualifier competition, he placed 4th! Jay calls him twinkle toes...just think about the visual of Tony running! His wife Selena and my nephew Gage where in tow as well.

Salena is such a bad ass cook; she brought over some sweets and treats!MMMM MMMM MMMM, just what I need :( The average person consumes 7,100 calories on thanksgiving! Yes, insane! Also, the avg person gains 10lbs between Thanksgiving and New Years...just great... and I have the Adult convention in Vegas immediately after! Sometimes life is not fair.

Ok, time for me to hop in the shower and get ready to go gobble down some turkey.... Oh, and yes jay is still unhappy that we are gong to a restaurant fot Tday!

Gobble Gobble, JJ