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Jenna Jameson Diary : November 28, 2005

| Monday, November 28, 2005
Today was a funny day. I just got home from NY ( I will attach my Myspace blog at the end of this)

Jay left for LA today to do the Telecine process on my film that I directed (The Provocateur), he has been IMing me all day making me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. It's so funny because when we first started going out, I would always call his underwear panties. It made him so mad, he would seriously argue with me for hours that HE DID NOT WEAR PANTIES!

We have been together for almost 8 years... and now he calls his boxers panties... LOL It makes me laugh at the top of my lungs everytime he sais that. I know he sais it to make me laugh, and that is what I love about him LOLOLOL

Anyway I am attaching my myspace blog, for your perusal :)

Myspace - Our trip to NYC was fabulous, but didn't go off with out a hitch. We decided to take Duane out to NYC and I think it was good for him since he has been having so many girl troubles. He has seemed so down in the dumps lately, and tries to hide it. I am a bit short with him sometimes, because I just don't have time to explain everything at such detail, which is usually what he calls for (Duane is Jay's assistant). I try to keep him on track, and in turn that keeps Jay on track, and luckily that helps me and Jay's relationship. Work directly effects our marriage, because we are so closely interwoven with running ClubJenna. Duane smiled and laughed for the first time in a long time on this trip, and that made me smile.

Jay was in rare form on this trip, grinning from ear to ear 24-7. Thats his M.O., and I love that about him. We were due at the paty at Spirit at 1 am, which for me is like chryptonite, if you don't know me by now... little hint...I LIKE MY SLEEP. But I bucked up and made it there on time... It was extremely crowded and the moment we got into our booth people started pushing in... I always get a bit nervous when this starts to happen, but you just start to grow accustomed to everyone staring at you for hours on end. It sucks when you need to scratch the inside of your nose or adjust your nipples in your too tight t-shirt... Everyone sees everything!

We got home around 5 30 or so, and we were all exhausted, partially from crappy sutter home wine and partially from just being over it. I woke up promptly at noon the next morning...LOL I was not going to miss a day of shopping!

I raided the Chloe Boutique and then went over to the Roberto Cavalli store, where I was snapped by papparazzi. I love NYC!

I think I may have found my dress there, but I don't know whether or not I want to spen that much money on a dress I will wear once ( I should call Roberto... he gave me his number at the Playboy party) I hate asking for things for free though... HMMMM

I then hit Petit Peton, which has THE best shoes on earth, I swear I go into convulsions when I am in that store... OK, enough about shopping, (I seem to go off on tangents when it comes to fashion...LOL

I slapped on a sassy outfit I bought at Chloe' (Jay kept calling me Chim Chim Charoo, referring to fiddler on the roof) because I had little wool pants on that ended at my knees with over the knee boots on. LOL He is so rude...LOL Anyway, we headed over to the Sohoclub for dinner, and it was really trendy. I am not sure if I fit that crowd, it's a bit off kilter for me...People trying to prove how artisically unaware but yet SO aware... Not really my thing. Anyway, we had fun at diner exchanging bodyguard stories of violence... LOL. Clay was about a hour long subject. His elbows could be the next action heroes! LOL

I am now home, and so tired! I must have thrown my neck out sitting on that plane for 10 damn hours, because now I look like a beach stiffy! Oh well, at least I don't have to do anything strenuous over the next few days.

I am gearing up to go out to LA on Thursday to do rehearsal fro my next Playboy show that airs live on Friday... UGH I think I am just going to be honest and let my personality fly on this next installment. No more Mrs Nice guy... I am off to watch desperate Houswives (tivo)

At Ease Bitches, Jenna