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Jenna Jameson Diary : December 01, 2005

| Thursday, December 01, 2005
I am off to LA in a few hours and I still feel horrible!!! I can not shake this cold. I am mortified at the possibility that I won't be able to speak on my Playboy show tomorrow!! I have been drinking tea, taking Zicam, golden seal, praying to the Dali Lama, have prayer vidules, lighting candles, that I think will help I am doing! I just want to be at my best. I am pretty excited about the show, I just want to make sure it is indicative of what Club Jenna represents, and the first show was good, but we tweaked it a bit moving it more towards what we look for in a CJ contract girl. I got the script yesterday and I think we will be tweaking it a bit more....

So, I will have to go over that today during rehearsal. A CJ girl represents the best in the industry and they are in a class by themselves. Our girls have style, beauty, and class. I wish Jay had the time to help out on this; he is really good at expressing what our company is about...he really has molded the look and feel of our productions over the years.

I got to go thru our shots for the AVN cover and for the AEE trade show... to be honest I was not very happy, in fact, sad might be a better word.:( I am super critical of myself and was not happy with my shots and a little perturbed about it! (I think I put that nicely!) So, while discussing my feelings with Jay, we started talking about promo we were doing for the AEE show and we realized that we did not shoot and pretty girl tease footage of myself yet. I shot all the girls stuff when I was directing the Provocateur...shiiiiaaatttballlss! So, now we have to schedule a day to shoot my stuff. My schedule is slammed and it's going to be tuff. Jay is funny, he is always "no worries, we will get it scheduled and done" I don't know how he does it; he has so much pressure on him and has to deal with all the stress of the dif companies as well as mine, all the girls, and all the employees... and he just gets stuff done! He really is amazing!!! It will all get done... I might pop a gasket b4 completion, lol.

Ok, time to get my pack on... Make sure you watch my show on Playboy TV tomorrow, if you don't I am sending Clay over your house...and not to sit down and have some tea!

Hugs, Kisses, and SNIFFLES, JJ