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Jenna Jameson Diary : July 20, 2005

| Wednesday, July 20, 2005
How do you cook ribs.?.

Just playin! JJ

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 20, 2005

Just hanging, just chillin, just hangin, just chillin... and ready to do some GRILLIN! RIBS and Corn tonight, mmm mmm mmm. Tonight is poker night and I cook for the guys. I actually like it... I cook they, play poker in the entertainment room, during which I get to relax in the peace and quiet. They are playing Texas Hold-Em. All they do is laugh the whole time! They paly for a nice $20 buy in and 25 cent anty...woohoo big time! LOL. Ok, I need to prep for dinner.

I hope you all have a great night!!

Jenna Jameson Diary : July 18, 2005

| Monday, July 18, 2005
Great weekend..all I did was shop. Life has been good and relaxing. This has really been nice normal twist after the insane years of the past. I am cherishing every relaxing moment...knowing that the end of them will soon be near! I went so far as to even get a massaging chair, now that's funny! I don't know if any of you have had a chance to plop your butts into one of the chairs at Sharper Image or Brookstone, they are insane!!! I have reached Nirvana, lol. I think I am getting to the point where I really don't want to have to interact with society....ok, that pipe dream is over. have figured out one more way to stay out of interaction...!! That's right, grocery shop from your keyboard and get it delivered up fresh!!! This has taken stay at home to an all time high! Oh i have to run, I have a program staring...i know i could Tivo it, but heck.

Love and Massages