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Jenna Jameson Diary Blog : December 19, 2005

| Monday, December 19, 2005
I am now in fulltime AVN shredder mode. Please bare with me for the nest few weeks, it's gonna be a hectic end of the year. This is our first year with contract girl drama, so it should be super eventful. I informed Duane that it was time to pull my road cases from my storage unit, and that means the outfit search has begun. :) I am looking forward to the massive crowds and blinding flashbulbs. I am almost back blonde, so that will throw some people off, which is what I like doing!

Keep you bitchbags on your twinklers. I posted my latest myspace blog here just in case you haven't joined in the craze yet! At ease fuckwads ...

Myspace - Heheheheee. Look ma, No dress!

My first annual Jameson Black Tie ball went off without a hitch on Saturday. It took months of preperation, and many good sized bald patches from pulling my hair out. (I now look like Jason Vorhees). Linda and I took it upon ourselves to throw a party that everyone would be taking about for years to come, and I think we both pulled it off. Since I sent out 250 invitations, I new I would be in for a major turn out. I decided to cover the whole back yard with a white swagged tent and out for the whole back yard with concert lighting (when I do shit, I do right!). I had heard rumors of companies building trusses and covering your pool with a full dance floor, this seemed to be the perfect idea for my party because my backyard is big but sectioned off by a lot of hedges and rolling grass hills. It just was not condusive to 250 people milling around in search of their next shot of grey goose! Being the google master that I am I tracked down the pool coverers that were out of Temp, and got a price quote…HOLY SHITBALLS!!!!

What a racket they have going there! I could by a damn car for that amount, I informed the stunned biatch on the phone. I hung up the phone and sat on my couch thinking about wether I could justify spending so much on a christmas party dancefloor. My band (ZOWIE BOWIE) ad already confirmed and I knew I needed a stage and pretty large area for people to get there boogie on, and this was my only solution. Maybe the cost came from the fact that I wanted a clear acrylic cover...hmmmmm. I called back. They cut the cost in half for a black and white checkerboard pattern. My justification was now in plce :)

Jay and I sat down a week before the party, and he was complaining about the price tag, and to tell you the truth I was pretty concerned myself. Then I realized there isn't a price that should be put on memories. How am I able to justify buying a new Bentley, and forgoing an insane get together for my family and friends. I couldn't.

So instead of spending mounds of cash on flower centerpieces, Linda, Tanya and I went with low cost candles in clear fish bowl hurican lamps. I cut back on caviar and served filet mignon sliders (not to mention a whole slew of other sassy foods). Once all of the major things were done with the party I realized I hadn't even gotten a dress or made a hair appointment. AAAAAAAAAAAAAH! CRAPSTICKS! I went into panic mode, since I was in the middle of shooting my latest installment of Jenna's American Sexstar on friday , the day before the party! That left me zero time to be the most fabu host on gods green earth. BITCHBALLS!

I looked at September (my amazing stylist that I have worked with since my early days with Wicked) and asked her if she could handle finding me a dress. Mind you she is knee deep in a major influenza infection. Since she is so rad, she told me she and Holt (one of my very best friends) were going to rectify this dire situation. I prompty flew home Saturday morning and began welcoming my houseguests (Joy King, who is my x publicist at Wicked and still my homefry, TT of Jay's very best friends, and Emma insanely badass make-up artist and partner in crime). I then get a frazzled phone call from Holtarian and September... screaming that they have found the perfy dress! WOOOHOOOO!

Needless to say, they got the dress to me just in time, and Emma the Fabu did my makeup and hair. It went off like a dream, and now I can breathe. Oh wait...2 weeks until AVN convention! POOPBUCKETS!

UNTIL NEXT TIME SIZZLE LEANS! Jenna Jameson - Club Jenna

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