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Jenna Jameson Pornstar Diary Blog : January 26, 2006

| Saturday, January 28, 2006
I would like to take a few minutes to remember Anna Malle. I met Anna very early on in my career, and she left a very lasting impression on me. She was on the set of my first ever Vivid movie, On Her Back. I was assisting my then girlfriend Nikki Tyler who was doing the make up on this Paul Thomas film.

She was the first girl I met when i arrived on set that day, and she was so passionate and welcoming, not only to me, but to EVERYONE she came in contact with. I wasn't used to people being so warm at that time in my life and for that I thank her. I ended up doing a scene with Anna that day, having been thrown in the movie. Anna was an amazing performer and I thought I should rightfully let everyone know how wonderful I thought she was...


Rest in Peace, Anna. You will not be forgotten.

Love, Jenna Jameson - Club Jenna

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