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Jenna Jameson Pornstar Diary Blog : January 31, 2006

| Tuesday, January 31, 2006
Shitballs... I'm on stern tomorrow!!! I am off to NYC to do the Stern show tomorrow! I looove Howard and can't wait to see him. I have not been on his show for about a yr and I know he is going to grill me - especially knowing that its no holds barred since he is on Sirius. It's always the toss of a coin with him... he is the master at diggin and pryin... and tomorrow he is gonna get his dig on! So, that tends to make me a lil nervous, but I will take it in stride. It will just be great to see he and Robin! From NYC I am off to Detroit to do our first Club Jenna Bowl Party in Detroit! We're gonna get our swerve on in Detroit!

I am bringing all of our Club Jenna girls and all of the Vivid girls... mixing in a bunch of celebs and ballplayers..... and we now have the start of a party... did I forget to mention the other 100 models at the party! Jenna is gonna have some fun!!!!!!!!

We head out of Detroit and back to NYC on Sunday... FASHION WEEEEEKKKKKKK!!!! OH YEEEAAAHHHHHHHH!! I am super excited about being able to make it to fashion week this year. This is one of the things I really really really loooove! Ahhhh...fashioon, mmmmmm. Then to close out the week I am shooting for GQ and Allure magazines. Ok, Off to the airport I go....

Hugs and Kisses, Jenna Jameson - Club Jenna

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